As the use of APIs has become increasingly popular – both for accessing data, as well as making data available to customers and partners – the need to govern their usage becomes increasingly important.

Boomi API Management provides a single, scalable platform to manage all your APIs through their entire lifecycle. It provides a centralized online environment to control the creation, deployment and management of APIs that will be used across a variety of business functions.

Empowering you to leverage the API economy.

Boomi API Management supports the needs of your organization to connect data between applications, clouds, and devices:

  • API Gateway: Leverage a centralized, consistent method for authentication and accessibility of your enterprise services.
  • Application Modernization: Unlock legacy systems data for easy consumption by new applications.
  • Data Sharing: Extend the reach of enterprise information and services to external business constituents, such as vendors, partners and customers.
  • Mobile Enablement: Support mobile services through integration of disparate back-end data sources.
  • Internet of Things: Provide a secure and scalable way to deliver real-time information from connected devices